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Everyone Eats was designed specifically with changing the world in mind. It is very important to us, that we help those in need both in the United States and around the world. So we invite you to help us help the world. Here are the ways we give back:

1. For every meal you purchase, we feed one meal to someone suffering from hunger. So far we fed children living in the slums in Romania, Syrian refuges in Istanbul, children in Uganda, and a colony of those living with leprosy in Varanasi India.

2. We host an Annual Charity dinner where all profits go directly to feeding the hungry through the non profit organization RAKlife. In 2015 it was held at the Balboa Inn in Newport Beach. The location for 2016 is still in the works. If you are interested in being a part of our silent auction, volunteering to plan and or help on the day of, or coming as a guest to enjoy the evening, please send us an email. We would love to invite any of you who are interested in helping the less fortunate.

3. The 4th Sunday of every month we make food and take it to our local homeless neighbors and friends in need. A little food and thoughtfulness goes a long way to make someones day.

For more information or if your looking to volunteer please give us a call or email us. We would love to have you help participate in helping the less fortunate. Everyone Eats is so proud and thrilled that we are partnering with an amazing non-profit, RAKlife. RAKlife stands for Random Acts of Kindness. We feel extremely comfortable giving to this non profit for a few reasons;

1. I personally know the people involved who started, run and volunteer for RAKlife.

2. 100% of all money donated will go directly to feeding the less fortunate. All RAKlife staff and volunteers pay their own expenses.

3. They have proven trustworthy and genuine in helping make the world a better place with their actions.

4. You have the opportunity to participate in a life changing experience by personally participating in a RAKlife project.

5. RAKlife has agreed to keep us updated. We get to see pictures and hear stories of how we are helping people around the world. It will be so exciting to see the peoples lives you are affecting!


The mission of RAKlife is to create a movement of performing acts of kindness to help the less fortunate around the world. RAKlife believes a little philanthropy goes a long way. They are dedicated to developing a global culture that incorporate acts of kindness into daily life. Through their actions, they raise awareness for a multitude of issues around the world, contribute to their remediation, and create sustainable improvement where possible.

RAKlife began in early 2014 and has already impacted the lives of the less fortunate in over 10 countries, including the United States. Based in Southern California, RAKlife performs acts of kindness around the region often - if you are interested in volunteering and helping us make an impact for those in need, please go to for more information.